There is nothing more classic or American than a pair of vintage jeans and AMO founders, Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars, set out to deliver perfectly worn denim that feels like you’ve owned them for years. AMO, named for the Latin root word for love, offers a fresh, feminine approach to authentic denim with perfectly faded boy-fits, classic cropped flares, and skinny jeans.  Consider AMO as the modern day Levis. 

"There is an old set of rules out there when it comes to designing denim, and we are taking a new approach from a different generation and a woman's point of view" explain Kelly and Misty.  "We want our jeans to become your go-to, must have pair, because as women we know its the best feeling to be able to slip on a pair of jeans and not only look great, but also feel great in them."

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