As Always: Beret Inspiration

Contrary to popular belief, everyone does look good in a beret. A small statement in the form of a non-obtrusive shape that says "I'm understatedly confident and I might be having a bad hair day". Lauren Manoogian offers a super soft Alpaca blend style in a trio of neutral colors. Cult favorite Clyde has the quintessential classic wool shape along with a sleek leather structured beret, for those more daring. If you are looking for a real statement Suzanne Rae's structured wool beret is a cool, clever way to wear her signature feminist crest. Berets pair with anything from a strong jumpsuit to a feminine dress to jeans and a blazer. Join the ranks of past icons known to wear berets with ease - Faye Dunaway in her memorable tan beret in Bonnie and Clyde, Kate Moss, Jane Birkin, any number of characters in a Rohmer film, and Carrie Bradshaw when she shows up at Big's with Le Big Mac.

The beret is a hat of many moods. It can be a bit tomboy or quite girl-ish, utilitarian or glamourous. A beret is not just a mere hat but also a sartorial paradox. You'll always manage to be incognito. You'll always manage to stand out. Shop the edit below.

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