New in Beauty: Esker

Esker - a long ridge of gravel and other sediment, typically having a winding course, deposited by meltwater from a retreating glacier or ice sheet.

Shannon Davenport took the name of this geological formation for her brand after researching and becoming inspired by these earthly occurrences, sediment from underground rivers that look vein-like from an aerial view. As we think about the slow, steady path left by meltwater from a retreating glacier or ice sheet, one can draw comparisons to Davenport's own process and mission with the brand. Taking over a year to formulate each of her three proprietary blends, studying aromatherapy after a career in trend forecasting, and artfully designing the color-blocked packaging in house, led to the birth of thoughtful plant-based body oil that is pure enough for the face but formulated for the body.

Three distinct, proprietary formulated oils: clarifying, firming, and restorative are the backbone of the brand. Each blend is expertly scented, enough that you enjoy a waft of essentials oils that incorporate into your signature scent but not so much that it is a fragrance. But these oils do a lot more than smell good.

The Clarifying Oil helps repair the effects of wear and tear on the body, with a blend of essential oils and carrier oils that can be used all over, particularly on areas that are suffering from dullness, varicose veins or discoloration. Cypress evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of blemishes for a healthy glow. Squalane, avocado and evening primrose oil soothe and nourish.

The Firming Oil is a carefully selected blend of plant-based essential oils for the body supported by a rich, quick-absorbing oil base. This formula was designed to help reduce the look of cellulite and is ideal for over the body, particularly areas that could benefit from a lifting boost. Juniper berry hydrates for a firmer, tauter appearance and macadamia nut oil, rosehip seed and baobab oil make skin feel soft and supple.

The Restorative Oil is a multifunctional body care powerhouse. Created specifically to balance and moisturize the skin all over the body, this blend of powerful essential oils are complemented by a nutritive base that leaves skin glowing—not greasy. Pure antioxidant-rich carrot seed nourishes and reduces the appearance of aging—promoting smooth, vibrant skin. Squalane, evening primrose and jojoba make skin feel radiant and nurtured.

A visit to Shannon's sunny and airy home in Los Angeles paints the whole picture of Esker's slow and holistic goal for self care. A serene calm radiates from Shannon and her family, making the light filled rooms feel even airier. She talks with equal passion about essential oils, the process of getting Esker leaping bunny certified, packaging design, and whats next for the brand (body wash!). Each box of Esker body oil includes an envelope of pollinator-friendly wildflower seeds. Enabling her customers to plant a pollinator friendly garden sums up the sort of thoughtful ethos of Esker itself. Check out Esker's product range and a peek of Shannon at home below.

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