Interview: lilah b.

“With less, you are more”. This philosophy is at the core of lilah b.’s products: multipurpose make-up essentials created to simplify a woman’s make-up routine. Weightless foundation, highly pigmented eye shadows and smooth lip balms. Simple and pure, like their botanical, natural formulations. We talked to lilah b.’s founder, Cheryl Yannotti Foland, about her products and the inspiration that led to lilah b.’s creation. Read the interview below.

Where did the name lilah b. come from?
Lilah is my 90-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback. I adopted her during a transitional time in my life soon after I moved to California. She added so much joy! She is not only a huge part of my life, she is part of the team here at lilah b., spending most days sunbathing in the office, looking for treats and making us all laugh.

We of course have to touch on the striking packaging. We know how hard it is to break the mold in areas like these. How did you come up with the idea to use such a weighty material and make these small sculptures? Were you met with resistance from manufacturers?
Working in the industry for many years as well as being a consumer myself, I found it disappointing to purchase a luxury product with packaging that was less than luxe, often times breaking soon after bumbling around in your makeup bag. I was inspired by the organic-shaped, fluid designs of Elsa Peretti, and custom-designed our pebble-shaped components to not only look stunning but feel incredible in the palm of your hand. Women don’t want to put them down!

What are your earliest make-up memories? Were you a kid who couldn't wait to try it out or did your interest develop late in life?
I always embraced a minimalistic beauty routine and never wore a lot of makeup. In my 30s and 40s, I had difficulty finding the unique combination of healthy ingredients, performance, and a simple beauty routine. It was clear to me that the combination of all of the above was missing in not only my life, but in today’s modern day woman’s, and so, lilah b. was born!

Sausalito is a unique community, we always think of Alan Watts and the houseboats... Is there something in the air there that breeds creativity and Zen?
Sausalito has clearly been a place of calm for me. My transition from New York to California came at a very chaotic time in my life both personally and professionally and there is no doubt that living here provided such an amazing balance that allowed me to create something unique and magical.

We love the idea of a natural product that is also high performing... How did you discover that you don't need nasty chemicals to make your make-up last all day?
I work with the best chemists in the industry in Milan, Italy. I truly believe they are at the forefront of healthy, innovative color formulations that no only look and feel good, they are good for you.

Do you have any tips for incorporating color for women who aren't used to wearing much?
Seeing as all of our products are multi-purpose, adding a touch of pigment to anyone’s daily routine is simple and easy with lilah b. For example, our Divine Duo Lip & Cheek product can be worn on the lips and the cheeks to provide just the right amount of color, neutral, warm shades are easy to dabble in without too much investment or commitment.

Any other information you think our client would like to know?
Time is so precious – why spend so much of it on your beauty routine? With lilah b., three is truly all you need to achieve a flawless, finished look with ease. It’s wonderful to see and hear the feedback from women who feel so amazing as they lighten their load, and who have embraced our ‘less is more’ philosophy. Mission accomplished.

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