Essential Blend: An Interview with April Gargiulo of Vint​n​er's Daughter

Every so often a product comes around that everyone seems to be talking about, something every woman in-the-know has found herself and swears by. Enter Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum - a face oil deserved of the warm embrace of the collective conscience.

Growing up in Napa in a family of winemakers, April Gargiulo started the years long process of formulating the be-all end-all of face oils in 2012. We couldn't wait to try it on Polina during our last shoot, and frankly, we can't get this oil home with us fast enough. We cannot wait to have skin this clear and glowing. Read about April's background, the brand's process, and how to use below.

What inspired you to create Vintner's Daughter?
I was inspired to create Vintner’s Daughter when I became pregnant with my first daughter and started looking at what was in my skincare products. I had no problem investing in, what I thought, were high-quality products, only to find out that they were filled with toxins and inactive ingredients. This was unacceptable, especially because I was expecting. I decided to create my dream product, a 100% active, performance-driven, completely safe serum and here we are today.

How has Napa Valley and fine winemaking influenced your brand and lifestyle?
My background in fine winemaking laid the groundwork for Vintner’s Daughter. I was exposed to only the very best, highest quality formulation processes and ingredient sourcing, so I applied those principles and standards to Vintner’s Daughter, as a brand, and Active Botanical Serum, as a product.

In what ways does being a mother impact your approach to beauty, business and your charity work?
After becoming a mom, I quickly realized it’s all about deciding what 3 -5 things are really important to you and then prioritizing brutally to protect them. For example, when I get home from work, I turn my phone off and spend uninterrupted time with my girls. I also find time for meditation, friends, exercise, and date nights regularly. I also believe wellness and beauty go hand-in-hand.

How do you approach wellness (fitness routine, meditation, nature, etc) and how do you incorporate this into your product?
I believe that wellness is about balance, and balance doesn’t happen on any one day. Instead, I strive to find balance over the course of a week. It’s all never going to happen in one day, so I try to be realistic.

You are a self-professed beauty ‘outsider’ who developed an award-winning product with a cult-following that has been called, “The face oil to end all face oils”. What knowledge or experience have you personally gained in the process of building your business that is the most rewarding?
I started Vintner’s Daughter because I was passionate about delivering skincare that was uncompromisingly effective, high quality and safe. I am as passionate about that mission today as I was 7 years ago when it was just a dream. My biggest advice is make sure you are doing something that you are passionate about because it is that passion that will sustain you through the fun parts of the entrepreneurship ride and the tough parts, and you will experience both, sometimes in the same day. Also, surround yourself with positive, resourceful, smart people. No one builds companies alone. Team is everything.

Vintner’s Daughter is a nutrient-rich, targeted skincare serum. What are the core results one can expect with regular use?
Active Botanical Serum is a one-stop-shop for seriously radiant skin. The results, first and foremost, are real and noticeable — your friends and family will see a dramatic difference in the look of your skin. We often hear people go without makeup because their skin is so even-toned; acne-ridden complexions are cleared up; a radiant glow is achieved that is truly unlike any other.

We are always looking to simplify and minimize our beauty routine. What are the essential skincare items/routines every woman should have/follow?
We believe that a simple routine is best. A gentle cleanser, essence/toner, and Active Botanical Serum is all it takes for consistently clear, luminous skin. Some find that they need a last moisture step. A daily SPF is also key; I use Suntegrity.

What beauty pitfalls should we avoid?
Inconsistency. When people don’t establish a regular routine, skin will never be able to get into a good rhythm. The best thing is to have a home base routine that you know will always work.

What products can you not live without?
Obviously, I can't live without Active Botanical Serum. It is my ride-or-die beauty product, but I’m also into devices and tools. I love using a facial roller (my favorite is from Joanna Czech) and facial cupping to help with microcirculation. I also use my nuFace every day for lifting and toning.

We love the concept of slow beauty. Can you tell us more about ’The Speed of Quality’ and what it means to Vintner’s Daughter? What are the benefits?
The Speed of Quality is about honoring the time it takes to create a truly game-changing formula and product. Instead of saving time by using powders, extracts, or freeze-dried ingredients, we start with whole plants and extract their incredible nutrition through a very unique formulation process. Our process takes about three weeks versus the couple hours most formulations on the market today take. Because we commit to this time, we are able to infuse the full nutrition from each plant into our formula. It makes a huge difference in efficacy because skin is receiving the most optimal ratios of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, and phytonutrients.

The serum is made from 22 botanical and essential oils. Can you tell us more about the formulation and how it offers maximum results?
Our formula is incredibly unique because it’s 100% active. Each of our 22 active ingredients is a powerhouse on its own but we synergistically combine them to make them even more results-driven. We also have a three-prong approach to our delivery system. First, our serum has a low molecular weight, which means it has a small particle size that penetrates the skin deeper. Secondly, our formula contains naturally occurring compounds that temporarily break the surface tension of the skin to allow our serum to penetrate faster. Thirdly, we developed an application technique called the Push/ Press Method which aids in absorption and efficacy.

How long does it take to see results with this product?
Everyone’s skin is different. We’ve heard of customers seeing results after one day, but the beauty also builds which is really fun to experience. That said, most see game-changing results after about two weeks.

What is the best way to apply Vinter’s Daughter?
The best way to apply Active Botanical Serum is through our Push/Press method.

Can you guide us through the Push/Press Method?
The Push/Press method was created to literally drive Active Botanical Serum as deeply into the skin as possible. The motion of pushing and pressing aids in circulation, so your skin is able to drink up as much of the goodness as possible.

What does being ‘healthy’ mean to you?
Being healthy is a feeling. You know when you’ve achieved it, but it’s not something that’s prescriptive. Being healthy is when you feel you’re in the flow.

Any parting advice?
Remember, beauty is a light in the heart, and a twinkle in the eye. Shine your light ladies!

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