Ozma, in The (Lew) House

Are you dreaming of a quiet morning in the foggy hills, the slowness of the day embraced, the heavy air let in through an open window. The landscape is tinted a little grey, the kind of color that shows everything in its unique and harsh reality. You're an adult. You decide to blow off your errands, stay inside, lounge around and peruse some books you haven't looked at in a while. Warm lamps and soft, natural slub silks will soothe a soul too weary to leave the house. Stay home. No one will miss you. No one will notice. Are you cool? Are you warming to my idea.

An Ozma slip, jumpsuit, or separate exude the sort of ease and sophistication mirrored here in Neutra's Lew House. A quintessential midcentury structure, a mid-career design for Neutra, this house's sweeping views, open rooms, and floor to ceiling glass check all the boxes for an LA midcentury gem. The house embodies what Neutra mentioned in a 1947 article for the Los Angeles Times, "The Changing House," Neutra emphasizes the "ready-for-anything" plan – stressing an open, multifunctional plan for living spaces that are flexible, adaptable and easily modified for any type of life or event. Much like a simple dress or jumpsuit, in a neutral fabric. Both multi-functional and adaptable, both embody a quiet luxury, a sort of down to earth sophistication.

Part of the brand ethos of Ozma's is an appreciation for Californian modern nostalgia. The west coast nostalgia can't run too deep (we don't have that much history) but it's rich and filled to the brim with late modernist and midcentury sensibilities. Clean lines, simplistic shapes, not too much superfluous color or pattern. Its a nostalgia balanced between the nature found at the beach, technology via the mid-century architecture and the cars, and the vastness of our landscape. Ozma embodies the calm, the chill, and the confidence this history produces and is designed for the woman who embraces it.

Think of marrying your inner life with your outer life. How do you translate your inner personality outwardly? Clothes for a confident woman, comfortable in her own skin. Jumpsuits that take your shape and move with you, dresses that compliment your every whim and decision. Camisoles in fabrics that delight you. Isn't this the woman you are in your head? A woman grounded in herself, discerning, decisive, embracing all of her facets, fragility, humor, opinions? We thought so. Be at home in the world. Check out new and exclusive arrivals from Ozma and Richard Neutra's Lew House below.

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