Shaina Mote

A look at Shaina Mote's Resort and Spring 2018 collection, neutrals, knots, touchable textures, and expertly draped silhouettes bound through her lookbooks creating a cohesive body of work, a continuing narrative from one season to the next. Collections that aren't trend based, that build on one another and are always easy to pair back to your favorites from the season before. Looking back at past collections each convey a freshness that is not easily achieved.

The newest arrivals consist of crisp poplin, knotted and twisted cotton and linen, delicate strings laced up the back of garments, asymmetrical cinched tops, crisp pleats, and a delicately woven hat and bag. The addition of stripes inspired by American Abstract Expressionist Conrad Marca-Relli add a bit of pattern to the otherwise pure neutral palette.

Mote uses materials like tencel, which is made of sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees that are processed using minimal water in a closed-loop system where all waste is recaptured and rayon, often associated with synthetics, this fiber is actually made of wood pulp from trees. All fabrics are chosen for wearability, drape, and ease.

Shaina Mote's lookbook presents a woman whose style achieved without great effort. A woman who simply knows what to wear and when to wear it. Uncomplicated yet undeniably refined. Step into that world, become that modern woman, shop the edit below.

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