Summer in The City: Paris Edition

Take the long way. A perfect trip to Paris includes mixing old world shopping, quintessential Parisian cuisine and quaint strolls down quiet streets with some of the worlds best Modernist architects and sculptors. Wandering through gardens with royal history and and catching must-see masterpiece artworks are easily fit into lazy Parisian summer afternoons. John Berger said "Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older woman." Balzac said "Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant." Excuse me while I pack my bags and plan to catch the good weather, the late sunset, and the endless afternoons filled with museums, late lunches, and architectural tours. I'll remember to send a postcard, I'll write....

Where: L'Atelier Brancusi, Centre Georges Pompidou. Visiting this exact replica of artist Constantin Brancusi's studio is a step back in time. The modernist sculptor left his studio just as he used it - his tools, his perfectly arranged body of work complete with finished works and plaster casts (when he sold a piece he would replace it with a plaster cast). The mixture of wood, plaster, smooth polished bronze, and marble pieces grouped so intimately together serve a dose of inspiration from the patriarch of modern sculpture.
Wear: A proud neutral pant. A carved wooden heel. A sculptural leather bag. A studio inspired jumpsuit. Smooth sculptural earrings.

Where: Lunch at Brasserie Lipp. The quintessential Parisian cafe. An institution, in business for 138 years, Lipp is classic french food in a classic chic french setting. Admire the interior tiles the old world mirrors and the original menus and know your seat has been graced by Catherine Deneuve, Marcel Proust, Yves Saint-Laurent, Jean-Paul Sartre, Madonna, or Kate Moss.
Wear: A goldenrod ribbed top. A voluminous skirt. A floral print to match the tiles. A pop of orange. A beret, of course.

Where: Shopping in St. Germain. Here you'll find the world's first department store, Le Bon Marche surrounded by charming streets filled with high end shopping, bookstores, and gorgeous spaces containing antiques and objet d'art. St Gemain is said to be the home of the existentialist movement so while you're channeling Simone de Bouvier you can spend some pleasant, contemplative hours sitting in the Luxembourg gardens.
Wear: A graphic grid shopping bag. A chic crisp, yet easy shirt-dress. A barrette holding a french twist for a look that says "I know my antiques". Walking sandals. Feminine sunglasses. A red lip.

Where: Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye. Villa Savoye, finished in 1931, is widely considered one of the greatest masterpieces of Le Corbusier and the embodiment of Le Corbusier’s "Five Points of a New Architecture" manifesto. The structure is a modern, white, minimal take on a French country house that celebrates and reacts to the new machine age. Corbusier believed "The house is a machine for living" and there is much fun to be had wandering around this white machine with its elegant black lines, grids, and tiles and pretending its all yours.
Wear: A structural black coat, A top with a delicate white on black piping. An architectural shoe. A silver tube bracelet.

Where: Musée Rodin. Becoming awestruck by Rodin's iconic masterpieces presented in chronological order is not unusual for art admirers residing at any level of enthusiasm. The realistic rendering of the figure Rodin achieved in famous sculptures like The Kiss or The Thinker can be appreciated by art history experts or the untrained eye. Simple human reactions to a masterful portrayal of the figure. Oh, and the gardens.
Wear: A silver figure of a woman. Romantic feminine buttons. Marbleized earrings. An espadrille. A blanket for a picnic. A camera bag.

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