Symphony In Yellow

Conjuring feelings of warmer weather, sun-filled afternoons, soft pale floral arrangements, and friendship; yellow seems light, easy, and mellow. A subtle undertone lurks in this complicated hue. It is a slightly unstable (yet exciting) color and not the color of stability or serenity it may seem. It can enhance your mood, but is actually known to make babies cry. It symbolized sickness and decay in Victorian literature. Yellow is a seemingly upbeat tone, but has a depth and edginess that we pick up on subliminally.

Through this lens wearing yellow becomes an act of irreverence. The yellow shoe seems innocent enough, but it might be making you a little wild. A yellow manicure can turn an everyday gesture into spirited movement. A good blonde, with its fleeting and ephemeral characteristics, does seem more fun. A yellow field of wheat is at the same time a soothing landscape, but also vibrant and stimulating to the eye. Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors on the spectrum.

Yellow is a prominent color of nature, life, and energy. For better or worse, it's meant to immerse yourself in. We are reminded of an Anne Sexton quote—

Sun, you hammer of yellow,
you hat on fire,
you honeysuckle mama,
pour your blonde on me!

Whether you're looking at a tawny ochre, goldenrod, soft butter, bright lemon, or a poisonous cadmium; seek the lively, optimistic, positive, and warm side of yellow's dangerous double edged sword. To be honest, this skirt feels like pure sunshine. A reminder to enjoy earthly apparitions of yellow dyes and pigments. As enticing as it may be, don't look directly at the sun.

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