Travel Agent: The Nue Co. Travel Set

We've heard health, beauty, mental clarity, and wellbeing all start in the gut. While we try to eat healthy, the day-today sometimes derails good intentions. We appreciate The Nue Co.'s philosophy...

"Eat real food and drink real coffee. When you can’t, take our supplements. Your first source of nutrition should be through real, unprocessed, food. When you slip up, we’re here to help redress the balance."

Like a friend who's got your best interest in mind, The Nue Co.'s assortment of supplements supports your gut with potent prebiotic inulin and 20 million spore probiotic powders that are tasty mixed with water or almond milk. If you're looking for a capsule, The Nue Co. engineered a vegan capsule with strong enough time release to offer results deep in your digestive system.

One of our favorite new arrivals is the Reboot Travel Kit, a great option for support on an upcoming trip, a gift for someone who travels often, or a gift for yourself so you can try five of The Nue Co.'s products, which can be incorporated in an everyday routine, not just while traveling. Check out The Nue Co's recommended use schedule for staying grounded while in the air.

Take as required, or in the following sequence during your journey, for optimum arrival.
1. Prebiotic + Probiotic
Begin taking two days prior to travel.
2. Sleep Drops
Once on-board, add 6-12 drops of our sleep inducing drops to any liquid and drink.
3. Magnesium Ease
Pump 1-3 sprays onto clean, dry skin to encourage muscle relaxation and reduce
cramping. We recommend lower legs, shoulders and the back of the neck.
4. Defense Drops
Before powering down, add 6-12 drops of our immunity boosting drops to any liquid or drink.
5. Power Up
As the shutters come up, mix 1/2 tsp of Power Up into water, almond milk or another liquid. Disembark.

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